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Be A Blessing


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We do not sell patterns.

Be A Blessing
Updated September, 2020
New Prints And Light color Denim Added 2020

First it was elastic shortage .. we finally were able to locate elastic and now the mill located in CA is unable to fulfill our fabric orders with no expected deliveries currently. 
Besides this I am due to have a full hip replacement early October, On top of that Abby is packing up her home buying a new and having to move !!!
We know the problems being closed affects you our amazing customers and are extremely sorry for this. 
Our intention is to open again the 1st of the year. Thank you for your patience while all these thing work together for good!
Chris & Abby

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Our Popular Poplin:
Most Popular! The perfect skirlot/culotte/skirt fabric
65% Polyester-35% Cotton - Pre-Shrunk & Wrinkle Free

Our Cotton Prints:
100% high quality cotton- we add 1" to your garment to allow for shrinkage with 1st wash

Our Denim:
- 100% Cotton Mid weight (6.oz.) - Currently our color is a Light to medium Blue Denim

Our Twill:
Is 5.5-6.0 Oz/Sqyd
65% Polyester-35% Cotton - Pre-Shrunk & Wrinkle Free,
in colors Black/Navy/Khaki

Welcome to! This ministry was created due a heart-felt desire to help those striving to honor God rather than fashion. is an extension of my web site Mom Of 9s Place. We have 9 children, ages 24-44 now ;) 5 of them being girls! I did a lot of sewing as they were growing up! Pretty much every week I would be making something to meet the Biblical Standards we held as a family. It is crucial that we as ladies set an example of modesty for our girls - We are commanded to do so! I consider it a privilage to be able to help you. All orders placed are made to custom fit the size or measurements you give. BE SURE to begin with hip measure NOT store sizing!

All Culottes are NOT the same. Our front and back pleated culottes (if ordered properly - starting with your hip measurement) have a bit of ease to allow them to fall nicely over the hips and maintain the skirt look perfectly. The non-roll elastic waist is not your typical 'bunchy' when on, it is flat in the centers and comfortable! * For those that prefer no box pleat we also offer a goucho sport culotte (gathered).

Our Skirlot (although you may see this 'name' elsewhere, was a name my husband came up with - what a guy!) It's an a-line skirt with attached shorts underneath, totally modest! There is a slit but fully filled in by the 'under shorts' and also allows more ease for sports and so on. Very popular and flattering on all shapes and sizes!

Finally no more having to pin at the waist because you need to buy a skirt 5x's the size needed to get a modest length, although simply made our A-line skirts with elastic waist and ordered properly will be a great addition to your wardrobe, we have done our best to make them affordable and lengths that make sense!

Add Bloomers for a your little girls and young ladies playtime and/or warmth for under skirts, jumpers and dresses.

Tired of the nylon stick to you slips and slips you can never find to fit right at the waist and length? Try our newly added soft broadcloth cotton blend half slips

We also offer culotte slips, our fabrics are NON see through but some like to wear the culotte slip with culottes or as an undergarment in and of itself. .

       Culottes & Skirlots are great for everyday! My girls never had to give up climbing trees, riding bikes or horses, they even played street hockey with their brothers. Bowling, volleyball, hikes, gardening, roller blading, and floor cleaning all go great with culottes/skirlots.


Whether you decide to order today or not, as you leave please know that

God loves you SO much!
Sincerely Yours, and Securely His,
Chris, Abigail, and family.

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I've heard all the arguements for years now, why hold back? choose to be a peculiar people, decide to look different than this nasty old world, Amen!

Neat Quote that ought to cause us to consider:

How are you going to give your life to Christ
when you won't even give Him your wardrobe?

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